Mar 012013

We’ve passed 4.75 months! About 4.75 months since Dilan’s birth, that is. While that may seem great, we often wish he was as tiny, light, cute, and quiet as he was when he was born again. But, 4 months does come with its own brand new characteristics and doses of awesome. Sticking with my fondness of numbers and stats, I’m going to describe what 4.75 months is like for us by using numbers. Makes sense, right? Read on to find out more. Oh and Dilan, if you read this post many years from now, know that none of these numbers are fake. It’s all 100% you :-)

95 – Dilan’s current height percentile. He was in 6 month outfits weeks ago and even those are getting tight now. Yep, he’s going to make one heck of a basketball player later. We hope.

3.5 – Average number of hours that we still sleep every night (since his birth). I know you guys are probably tired of me whining about this one!! Yes, it sucks, but you really do get used to it and we’ve gotten pretty darn good at making it through a full work day without having to serve Cheerios for dinner and things piling up too much (ok, laundry is a different story…). Unfortunately, Dilan does not seem to sleep much longer after a warm lavender bath, rice cereal, or a massage. He’s a pretty straightforward guy and doesn’t care about the fluffy stuff. Sleep will come…..right?

132 – Average number of times that Dilan smiles per day. He’s a happy chap. Happy and active. Sometimes a little too active.

9 – Number of all-natural products we’ve tried to treat Dilan’s eczema. Definitely our least favorite stat. We finally visited a dermatologist and got him prescription strength oil for his scalp. He has his wonderful mom to thank for all the little things that are wrong with him – eczema included. But hey, if this is our biggest health worry, then we are pretty darn blessed! I just really hope this is not a food allergy issue. I love my breads and cheeses too much for it to be :-( Gluten and dairy-free meals are becoming a more common occurrence, though. Not a bad move for keeping my energy levels up.

17 – Average number of minutes it takes me to change Dilan from pajamas into daytime clothes every morning. I know what you’re thinking – ROOKIE MOM! This is so true. I’m still not getting used to him knocking over diaper ointment, a towel, and wipes all at the same time while farting, sneezing, kicking limbs in all directions, and grabbing on to mommy’s hair AT THE SAME TIME. True story.

4.75 – Number of months I’ve successfully breastfed. I know this is just a drop in the bucket for some of you, but I never thought I’d make it with our lives being as insane and hectic as they can get. I don’t respond well to the breast pump at all, not even after taking supplements, so this is definitely one of my proudest accomplishments ever. I couldn’t have done it without loads of support from my female mama buds. And, I have to thank my wonderful hubs for this one, too. He’s always kept me going, even after I swore I was done on days when all I could pump was 2 ounces. The hubs never worried, even when I was close to being in tears. You are a saint. I hope you know that.

So that’s about it, in a nutshell. See, Dilan, that wasn’t so bad? I didn’t even mention poopy diapers! You are the biggest blessing and bundle of joy in our lives right now. I hope you know that.


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  1. I could comment for an hour. LOL …so glad to hear you are all doing so well. Kudos on the nursing, working, etc. I hope we can come see Dilan soon, well, and you too.

  2. Thanks, Kem! And, I know you can definitely relate to this on so many levels :-) How’s the parrot doing??

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