Sep 162012

Here’s a continuation of what it’s been like for me to be a mommy-to-be:

4. Apps are a busy girl’s best friend. My favorite way to keep track of my pregnancy has been through my iPhone and iPad apps. My favorite ones are the Babycenter and BabyBump ones (thanks for this one, Anil!). The What To Expect app is worth a download as well. I’ve enjoyed reading these since they provide a quick way to keep up with what’s going on when you’re waiting in line somewhere. Also worth a download is Trello – a phenomenal to-do list maker that has really made a difference in organizing our lives! With time being at a minimum, I haven’t read a ton of books, other than The Official Lamaze Guide and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, which a neighbor gave me as a gift and swears by for her own 2 kids. I also have Healthy Child Healthy World on order, which should help satisfy my eco-mom-wanna-be desires :-). We’re planning to use the Total Baby app once the baby’s born, per the advice of some friends.

5. Exercise doesn’t have to stop. I really wish I had more time to exercise and kept up with it a little better than I have. Every elliptical run and yoga session has made a difference for me, so I would highly recommend keeping up with exercising as long as your doc okays it. I would also recommend buying an exercise ball to do squats against the wall or to simply sit on. It feels great for my back. Yoga and elliptical runs might not be your thing. In that case, just do what feels right! It gets frustrating when everyone around you has had minimal weight gain in their pregnancies. I’ve gained almost 34 pounds and still have a few more weeks to go. Not ideal for me at all, but my doctors keep telling me it’s well within the healthy range for my size (somehow!). I plan to do lots of bhangra and talk the hubs into salsa dancing again after I give birth, since these are forms of exercise that can be done right at home (assuming we can stay awake, which might not happen). These will be must-dos for someone who gains fast (in all the wrong places) and loses very slowly!

6. Pregnancy products are expensive! There’s really no need for me to tell you this, but I did want to point out a few products that I’ve purchased that were worth the money and / or bargains. The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow has helped me get comfy at night and does provide excellent back and belly support. I’ve used it the most in the first and third trimesters. Just don’t expect to get out of “the fort” easily at night. Most women have gorgeous skin during pregnancy and sport that lovely pregnancy glow. Not me. My skin suffered from serious break-outs and dry patches. I decided to ditch all the chemical laden and unnatural cosmetics and treat things naturally with the Alba Sea Enzyme Facial Scrub. I also treated my skin with tea tree oil. Both helped, though I’m still not back to normal yet. Instead of using baby oil, I used toxin free Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil to fight stretch marks. The jury’s still out on whether or not this will help, but so far, my belly has been smooth and stretch-mark free.

All in all, if I can just deliver a healthy and happy son, I know these little pregnancy annoyances will be well worth it. Until then, *yawn*! Fingers crossed I make it through the day!


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