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I blogged about pregnancy products that I love a few months back and thought I’d sort of extend that blog post by talking about my favorite baby and post-partum products. As you may know, I’m big on green, eco-friendly, and natural products, but I also like a good deal and am quite the value conscious shopper and coupon clipper. So, with those two things in mind here are my favorites:

1. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee products.1. I pretty much love all of the Baby Bee products. They smell great, but not too overwhelming and so far, Dilan’s skin has been responding pretty well to them.They’re free of synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and parabens – all ingredients that I try to keep out of our household as much as possible. I also love the fact that Burt’s Bees is a local, Durham-based company and I’m always happy to support our local start-ups and companies! Check them out at:

2. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes. Like the Baby Bee products, these wipes are fairly natural and although they’re thinner than some of the other wipes out there (like Huggies), they get the job done. Definitely worth a try. We have these on auto-order with Subscribe & Save on Amazon, so that we never run out. Find them here.

3. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. This is by far the best diaper rash cream that I’ve come across. It beats out Butt Paste and even the Baby Bee diaper rash cream. When we received this, I thought that it was way too pricey for the amount of product you get, but I soon realized that a little goes a long way, so the small bottle last a while. So far, Dilan has been diaper rash free. He even coos when I put this on his butt! Find it here.

4. Earth Mama Angle Baby Natural Nipple Butter. Like the baby bottom balm, this product is amazing, all-natural, and well worth the money. I’ve been fortunate enough not to need it too many times, but if you’re breast feeding and your nipples get sore, this is a must! Works great on other parts of your body as well (elbows, feet) and it even makes for a great lip balm. Find it here.

5. Summer Infant Swaddleme velcro swaddlers. Oh what would we do without these?! We have a ton of aden + anais swaddle blankets. They’re 100% cotton and very breathable. They’re also amazingly soft, so I would highly recommend them….if you’re a good swaddler. I happen to suck at it, Anil’s quite a bit better, but the main problem we have is that Dilan has well above average swaddle escape skills. Bring on the velcro straps that the Swaddleme provides. Dilan sleeps SO much better swaddled in these (arms and legs aren’t flying around everywhere), so these are definitely worth your money as well. Find them here.

Well, that just about wraps up my top 5 favorite mommy (and daddy, to be politically correct!) and baby products so far. I’ll keep updating the blog as Dilan grows and we learn :-)

** Update from two days later: Dilan is starting to escape from the Velcro straps now too! All I wanted was a healthy baby, not necessarily a Herculean one. What’s next, super glue? I kid, I kid!

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