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I know it may seem a bit early to start my first mommy musing when I haven’t even given birth yet, but not being the superstitious type, there are some great tips and truths about pregnancy that I think are worth sharing! There are TONS of mommy blogs out there, but unlike me telling you what you should do in my posts, I’m only interested in sharing my experiences and invoking some serious laughter and “glad I’m not HER” type of thoughts. So for all you moms, here’s your chance to feel much better about yourself and for all you future moms, sit back and don’t (always) do what I did :-). Here are my favorite lessons learned and tips from almost 9 months of pregnancy:

1. Work doesn’t disappear. I’m well aware that a shower and hot meal become impossible realities once the baby is here, but what no one told me is how busy the 9 months before a baby would be! On top of your regular day job, there’s the nursery to complete and product reviews to read on anything from baby monitors to car seats. I know, all first world problems, but a lot of work nonetheless because you have to figure out what you need, what you really don’t, and what will best fit in with your lifestyle. Although I’ve been fortunate enough not to have taken a single sick day off this year (something I’m very proud of!), that doesn’t mean that eating / drinking gingerale and crackers for breakfast at work or trying not to vomit when you’re in front of a customer weren’t part of the deal. It is difficult to work all day and come home to a house full of chores, especially if your first and third trimesters aren’t completely fatigue and illness-free. And no, Mr. Obnoxious Consultant in the office, my nausea filled work days are still not any better than you having jet lag due to your West coast travel and red eye flights. Not the same thing at all!

2. Sleep disappears before the baby gets here. I wish all current mommies would stop telling me to sleep as much as I can before the baby arrives! It’s been impossible for me (and my poor hubs!) to get more than about 4 hours of solid sleep in per night since about 14 weeks of pregnancy. I’m writing this post at 5 AM on a Saturday and have been up since 3:30 AM. I’ve only managed to get in 8 naps since pregnancy started and have a feeling that number 9 might be needed today.  I’ve tried just about any remedy you can think of for my leg cramps, which have improved a lot over the last few weeks, but still wake me up every single night. More walking, hydration, magnesium, potassium, the bar of soap in between the sheets – you name it! The big positive that comes out of all of this is that the lack of sleep should be good prep for when the baby does actually get here.

3. Eat what you like. Another first world problem since I should be grateful that I even have a choice in foods in the first place. But, I’m pretty tired of people telling me what I should and shouldn’t eat! The only foods that sit really well in my stomach are bland ones, carbs, and proteins. I still eat plenty of veggies, and especially fruits, but really can’t stomach that paneer tikka masala anymore. My poor hubs has been deprived of really spicy Indian food (a staple in our house) for a while now, but I know I’ll make it up to him in the future. Until then, my lesson learned is that you should just eat what you like and what sits well (as long as it’s pretty healthy), keep taking your prenatal vitamins, and not worry about what anyone tells you food wise. I’m also tired of people telling me that I must have heartburn. I haven’t had any of it during my pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different. Just let it go. A splurge once in a while won’t hurt you either, though it gets harder to do this towards the end, especially if you’ve gained a lot of weight. My docs keep telling me that I’m a model patient in terms of my weight management, but they’re not the ones that have to lose 35 lbs!

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  1. Hi Varsh,
    I bought the Earth mama oil for stretch marks a little while ago after reading this blog. Thanks for the recommendation. I only started using it this week when I thought that my expansion was beginning to look more and more like a true bump. I . Any later reviews on it? I like it and it does help with the dry skin. I really do think it is a great product and if it can prevent those stretch marks, that will be a major plus. I haven’t gone into stretch mode yet (had a little extra fat to work with) but like I said, the first trimester bloating is beginning to morph into a bump now. Keep me informed:)

  2. Awesome! Let me know if it helps! I think it did for me.

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